Caterina Zulian is a high leather goods brand founded in 2020 by the homonymous designer. The high-quality and avant-garde bags balance functionality and aesthetics and enhance the beauty and purity of the leathers used.

“OVER”, his first SS-2021 Collection, is inspired by Danish style and design, where the architecture is characterized by simple, hypnotic and symmetrical, almost impeccable geometries. During a trip to the Danish capital, Copenhagen, the designer was fascinated and inspired by her incredible structure, translating this influence into a perfect balance between old and new. Modern and future-oriented, the brand is focused on the values ​​of quality and tradition, and focuses on the essential, avoiding excesses and dispersion. The production, strictly the result of the craftsmanship typical of the best Made in Italy, is characterized by the selection of fine materials, the care of design, manufacture and details.

The clear and unique peculiarities of the brand are presented to its customers with the delicacy and exceptionality of those women who do not loudly impose their presence, but have within themselves the silent awareness of being recognized as such. For this reason, alongside the geometries of a “business woman” version of the Totem Over, in which form and elegance represent the style of a cosmopolitan, contemporary and constantly moving woman, we find the more curvilinear and harmonious forms of the Urban Over, which harmoniously accompany the profile and movements of a woman in her daily life. This first collection will be characterized by two color tones that represent the must of leather goods: black, with its grandeur and predominance, and the Terra di Siena, with its earthy naturalness. The leather used enhances each product created, accentuating its essentiality and uniqueness.


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